About The Berkshire Crafts Fair

The Berkshire Crafts Fair opened to the public for the first time on August 2, 1974. The creation of several teachers at Monument Mountain Regional High School, the “Crafts Fair,” as it is known in the school, was designed to provide revenue for programs and facilities for the students of the high school that is above and beyond what the school budget normally funds. Since its inception, hundreds of students along with faculty have been responsible for the organization and operation of this annual fair. It has gained a reputation among the artisans who have exhibited as a well organized, professionally run event.  A wide range of high quality contemporary and traditional works selected through a jurying process has earned the Berkshire Crafts Fair its respected and valued reputation.

Over it’s forty-six year history the Berkshire Crafts Fair has funded a wide range of projects including student ambassadorships, scholarships, faculty and student initiatives, professional development, school facility upgrades and programs that impact the whole school community. Some awards are small and help students or facility realize an educational initiative, some are large and help create an exceptional learning environment. All awards from BCF are beneficial to the learning community of Monument Mountain Regional High School.