Nicole Deponte

Lilian Asterfield

“Tailored design, specializing in the dramatic and avoiding the ordinary.”
“A sucker for reinvention, collage and design, my process is a narrative for transformation; a transformation of oneself inspired by the act of adornment. Dressing is a personal ritual, a delicate space to empower and inspire. This collection continues to explore materials as catalysts. The 2018 work breaks down my signature structures, focusing on how form and movement adorn/decorate the body. My Lilian Asterfield collection redefined how the necktie is perceived with the help of a B.F.A. in sculpture. Eye-catching color combinations, juxtaposed prints and hand-stitched tailoring make each Lillian Asterfield piece a one of a kind. Handcrafted in Providence RI, Asterfield adornments feature new and vintage materials transformed into the art we wear.”

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