Bonny Hall

Bonny's Beasts

Brattleboro, VT

My birds are made of solid felted wool; they are sculpted, not stuffed. They are festooned with felt flowers, spikes, wings, beads and marbles. Each is entirely unique. Many hours of work go into each bird, as I have to create the embellishments as well as the form of the bird. Once the bird is assembled, it is wet-felted for several hours. The wool shrinks, the bird stretches and lengthens, and the result is a lightweight, sturdy, tightly-felted form. I have a great deal of fun creating these beings and seeing where the wool and the colors take me. They fill my head, and I am always thinking about what to try with the next bird. My felted animals are made with the same process, but without any beads or embellishments, making them very safe for children.

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