Caren Kinne

Caren Kinne artwork

Lee, MA

My work is composed of exuberantly whimsical abstractions, where color and organic forms prevail. By considering personal moments and interactions of the universal human experience, the spectator is drawn in to a fictitious and heartwarming universe that emerges bit by bit. Works appear as dreamlike images in which past and present merge; nostalgia, sentiment and a sense of utopian harmony often play a role as a means of adding charm to everyday life. As an artist, I enjoy the exchange between the artwork and the viewer, and I encourage the viewer to make his or her own connections to the work. As such, my works do not reference a specific identifiable form- thereby allowing the imagery to facilitate fluidity in meaning and multifaceted interpretations based on the life experiences of the viewer- be it vintage television sets, aristocratic fruit, or quirky lanterns… Frequently the viewer’s own sense of nostalgia comes to light.

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