Cecilia Frittelli

Frittelli & Lockwood

Saratoga Springs, NY

Cecilia Frittelli and Richard Lockwood have been textile designers for the last 25 years, married since 1984, full-time business partners since 1990 and parents of two adult children. They work in a renovated 1850 building which houses their weaving studio and display space located in the Beekman St Arts District on the historic west side of Saratoga Springs, NY.

Their contemporary clothing and accessory collection is handwoven on vintage Macomber floor looms. The American-spun yarns they use include silk, merino, alpaca, and chenille, with a special emphasis on eco-friendly fibers from bamboo, hemp, and soy. Working towards becoming a zero-waste studio, they upcycle most of  their “scraps” into pieced and patchworked clothing and accessories. Their retro-inspired textiles are then steam-finished, cut and sewn into custom-tailored garments with exceptional fit and comfort.

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