David and Carolyn Levy




Using laminations of hardwoods of contrasting colors and grains to produce artistic patterns in a variety of products. Products include kitchenware, desk accessories, game boards & game tables.  Flat grain, edge-grain, or end-grain surfaces are available in many designs.

Growing up in the pine forests of Southern New Mexico and working summers in a logging camp made a significant influence on our choice of wood as an art medium.  Experimenting with tree trunk sections and forming different colored woods into geometric patterns began our interest in design.  Studying design at UC Davis we began using domestic and exotic hardwoods to create functional pieces with geometric patterns made of solid wood.

Currently tongue and groove or dovetail joinery is commonly used and designs are developed to withstand the different climate environments around the world. Creating functional products with superior construction, artistic design and unusual flair are the emphasis of our work. Ultimately our works of art are made to be seen, touched and enjoyed in everyday life.

Our approach to the craft of fine woodworking is simple: We make each item as if it were our own.  Durability, practicality, and artistic beauty are the foundations of our work.  We begin by selecting the finest materials from a variety of domestic and imported hardwoods.  We combine traditional and modern woodworking techniques, including tongue and groove, dovetail joinery and /or aliphatic pressure bonding followed by sculpting, shaping, and sanding.  We do have occasional help in the sanding and lifting of heavy lumber. Each piece of wood is selected for its grain and color and then combined with glue to create the designs.  Then comes the process of sanding and sculpting to finish the piece. Each piece is made to withstand the world’s climatic changes from around the world. The pieces are made to withstand the world’s expansion and contraction problems of wood.  The final process is to put multiple coats of mineral oil or lacquer to finish the piece.


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