Donna McGee

Hadley, MA

I come from a tradition of functional work, and am inspired by making well-designed forms on a daily basis. Inspiring also are the materials themselves, a grounded knowledge of the past, and the limitless future. My motif inspirations include the timeless beauty of the human figure, patterns in nature, the unexplainable. As Manet said, “I am a realist. I paint what I see.” My motivation: to make the best pots, and have those be pots that I love. To that end, in addition to red earthenware, I experiment with paperclay, reduction firing, and all materials and techniques that move me forward. My BS degree is in “Re-creation, Art, and Society” from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. After obtaining my undergraduate degree, one goal was to continue to paint and draw. With help, practice, and perseverance, I now combine clay with drawing in my everyday life.

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