Hiroshi Nakayama

Nakayama Ceramics

Worthington, MA

The works are “Contemplative Ceramic Art”. Functional or sculptural, they are created with high-fire stoneware and multi-layered glazes. The signature glaze has the appearance and feel of naturally polished stone. Repeatedly glazing and firing the work, and the use of wood ash contribute to the color and texture of this specially developed glaze. The wide range of color and depth are developed through the application of the glaze and the atmosphere during firing. Through this process, the clay and surface (glaze) become integrated, appearing to be one, solid material.
The finished work contains a beauty imbued with an understated quality of elegance. The objects appear refined, with an unobtrusive sophistication. The patina references time and a type of elegance that may seems spiritual; as in rooted in the quiet appreciation of nature.

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