Jane Herzenberg

Herzenberg Designs

Northampton, MA

I continue to explore textures created by Shibori dyeing, stitching, and upcycled cloth to create contemporary artisan clothing for women. My clothing is flattering to a woman’s body and the use of color is unexpected and sophisticated. Materials include natural fibers, silk, stretch silk, boiled and knit wool. Currently in my studio I am working on several new whimsical boiled wool hat designs utilizing the fallout (upcycled) from cutting my jackets and vest and rescuing spectacular fabric would be wasted. Favorite Shibori techniques include Arashi, Kanoko, Kumo and Itajime. I create multitudes of patterns by wrapping, twisting, stitching, folding, compressing the fabrics and submerge dyeing in a hot dye bath. Textures range from delicate to bold. I design, dye, and sew all my pieces in a converted factory building overlooking the Mill River in Western Massachusetts.

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