Jo Roessler

Nojo Design

Easthampon, MA

Jo Roessler of Nojo Design specializes in custom and limited edition residential and commercial solid wood furniture, each piece designed and handcrafted by Roessler. And while his style has been variously described as “modern,” “architectural” and “Japanese-influenced,” he eschews such neat categorizations of his work. “I don’t have a rulebook or dogma about adhering to one particular style,” he says, “I take my cues from everyday objects, nature, the world around me, something as basic as a leaf – simplicity and elegance on the surface, but with an amazing underlying complexity.”

Roessler has been designing under the moniker of Nojo Design for twenty years. His work is exhibited at prestigious and jury-entried design and craft shows throughout the eastern United States. He has been featured on Home and Garden Television, and written up in numerous books and periodicals.

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