Jungwhon Joo

Arlington, VA

Cloisonné – a term derived from the French word, “cloison,” meaning “partition,” – is an

age-old technique of enameling that has been practiced by known and unknown artists all

over the world.

To create the pieces, lengths of fine silver or gold wire are first bent, arranged, and fused

onto a precious metal surface in the desired composition.

Each of the partitions is then filled with vitreous enamel powder and fired in a kiln at

between 1380 and 1560°F. The layering and firing process is repeated until the enamel

reaches the necessary depth.

Next, the piece is filed to an even surface then either flash-fired to bring back the original

luster or polished with a finer grade to create a matted look.

Finally, a unique bezel is made for each enamel piece to be set into.

Enamel is fused glass on metal; please handle with gentle care. The enamel will maintain

its brilliance and colors over a lifetime.

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