Loren Maron

Composition, form, texture and color are at the center of my work. Variety of marks comes from multiple sources including fabric, buttons, table coverings, natural objects such as shells or coral, commercial stamps & rollers, and other repurposed or hand made implements. All of these components join together to create a composition that is balanced and pleasing to the eye. Viewers may first note the juxtaposition of contrasting patterns that result in an interesting and unique piece. I work exclusively in porcelain, hand building my forms from slabs. The addition of gold decals on some of the pieces adds a bit of whimsy to the work. My preference in palette leans towards earth tones found in a variety of celadon and celadon type transparent glazes. These glazes tend to melt into the recesses and “break” on the higher parts of the texture to create depth and contrast that ultimately make the piece a success.

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