Mary Angus

Readsboro, VT

Mary Angus creates exquisite blown glass vessels with graceful forms and soft colors, drawing inspiration from the rural landscape that surrounds her Vermont home and studio.

In her pieces Mary captures the beauty of the molten material she works with – its translucency, its colors, the way the glass moves when molten and the effects of light and shadow on the blown glass forms.

After the blown piece has been formed and then cooled, Mary uses a resist to create a pattern on the surface of the piece. Each piece is designed individually, creating a pattern that complements the form of the piece. Areas unprotected by the resist material are then carved away by sandblasting the surface with an abrasive. Many of Mary’s pieces are carved in low relief with the raised areas highlighted by a dusting of colored glass. Others have deeply carved, sculptural surfaces. An interior layer of colored glass glows from within the carved and softly frosted surfaces.

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