Soli Pierce

Sherwood Forest Design

Soli Pierce of Sherwood Forest Design has created her heirloom maple bowls for over 25 years.  Treasured by collectors all over the world, this Hudson Valley maker brings functional art to the table. 
The MFA in Boston and the Philadelphia Museum of Art are just a few of the notable places that have honored her work. These art bowls hold up to daily use and are a favorite wedding gift for many of her collectors. The gift that keeps on giving, she believes in functional art that nourishes the home and spirit.  Sherwood Forest Design believes in making memories, one bowl at a time.  Many of the bowls are touched over a thousand times to create the rich depth of each unique piece.  Over the 25 plus years, Pierce recently realized the studio has created 500,000 bowls that are making family memories around the world, an artist’s dream fulfilled.

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