Susan Mancuso

Forge & Foundry Jewels

New York, NY

Ancient metalsmiths used high-karat or pure gold to create amazing works that rival the finest that are produced today. My materials – high karat gold and multicolored gemstones – and techniques are much the same as those used by these ancient artisans. The lost-wax method — carving a design in wax, making a mold from the wax (which is melted out of the mold) and filling the remaining cavity with molten 22 karat gold — was a technique used in many ancient cultures and one I use in many of my designs.  I incorporate motifs from nature that are often associated with energy: a wave, a waterfall, clouds, the wind; all of which are powerful yet fleeting.  Sometimes I am inspired by a gemstone and design a piece around that stone. I procure my gems and metal from ethical sources. Most of the gold used in my work is recycled.

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