Ellen Grendier


Grenadier pottery makes custom tableware and dinner sets. Pieces are high fired stoneware, lead free, and dishwasher and microwave safe.

“What I like most is making artful tableware that will be used every day—objects that bring the intimacy of the handmade into people’s homes and that encourage us to stop and enjoy the experience of dining. The marriage of food and pottery is magical. I work in hopes that some of this spirit will be contributed to your table."

Ellen Grenadier has been making tableware, custom tiles, and murals for over 30 years. Ten years ago, she moved her studio and gallery to the Berkshires. Her current work is stoneware that incorporates impressions of leaves in elegant bowls, plates, sushi platters, dinnerware, tea service, vases and more, all glazed with natural cobalt blues, copper greens and ambers made from iron. Her work is a stylish blend of well crafted refined form and rich surfaces that are alive with subtle texture and colors.