Phillip Weber


There are many beautiful shapes, objects, and movements in nature, as well as those created by the hands of skilled men and women. An important inspiration for me when I first started, was reading the books of James Krenov. His work, and equally the way he conveyed his love and respect for wood and the process of making his furniture, made a deep impression on me. This, along with my own limited experience at the time, gave me a feeling that I was working with a magical material, and that perhaps I had found something in that feeling that could last a lifetime. Since then, many things have influenced my work. The Asian aesthetic, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau are responsible for so many incredible art objects in this world. I feel that they all have some contribution in my pieces. The exactness and focus of small, diverse items, such as insects, flowers, jewelry, and even electronic equipment are fascinating and have an influence on me. Finally, I believe that the accumulation of ones own work and the increased skills that come over a long period of time are invaluable.