Raul Fresneda

New york

The Work

Welcome to the world of Raul Frisneda Jewelry. 
Each piece has been exquisitely handcrafted of 18-karat gold, higher karat gold or platinum and accented with Belgium cut, VS-1 - "G" color white diamonds (higher grade stones may be ordered), fancy colored diamonds, fancy cut/unique diamonds, sapphires and rubies. Our pieces are done using the lost wax process, hand fabricating in metal or a combination of both. We utilize a wide range of finishes depending on each piece and the look we want to achieve. They range from a high polished, sandblasted, brushed, tumbled and sometimes a combination of these techniques. Lending uniqueness to each piece, each may vary in finish depending on the application process and the fact that they are all hand made. Raul Frisneda Jewelry is created with the human spirit and form in mind. Our work is delicate yet very substantial— never overwhelming and very comfortable to wear. Our work is versatile and timeless. Each piece can be a casual, every day adornment or dressed up for a breathtaking  statement.