Shekina Rudoy

Shekina's focus has always been on fabrics, earninga bachelors degree in Textile Arts in 1979. She launched her
business, Shekina Designs, right after graduation and has been exploring the infinite realm of color combinations
and its relationship to particular styles and fashion statements ever since.She is intrigued by a fabrics varying texture, weight and drape and will design garments with these elements in mind. Once designed, Shekina will take the appropriate white silk fabric and stretch and pin it onto frames. She then "draws" directly onto the silk, using hot wax.
Afterwards, she hand paints the waxed fabric using liquid fiber reactive dyes applied with brushes. After many steps of heat setting, washing, and ironing the painted fabric is then ready to be cut and sewn into Shekina's own unique styles.
She is mindful of keeping the styles timeless and classic and always flattering for any figure.